Country-Level Domains Vs Top-Level Domains

When conducting your own business in your country, would you prefer to use a Country-Level (.sg, .my, .cn) or a Top-Level Domain Name (.com, .net, .org)? Which domain would benefit your business more, for example increase your web traffic and sales conversion?

Both let you target different groups of customers:

· Country-level domains – targets Local Market

· Top-level domains – targets Global Market

The majority of customers perceive businesses with local domains as more “Trustable” since there are restrictions for registrations of Country-Level Domains, i.e. registrant’s NRIC and Company Registration Number are required during registrations of Singapore Domains.

Besides, using Country-level enables local companies to grow their brand quicker. Most companies expand in their own countries first to gain sufficient exposure before reaching out to the global market.

SEO & Competitiveness

In terms of SEO, your business has added advantage if it owns a country-level domain. Visitors would be able to find your website easier with extensions such as “ /.sg” compared to a more universal domain such as “.com”.

Owning a country-level domain is a good way to start, so why not?