Your Domain & Business Are At Risk Because of CYBERSQUATTING!

Cybersquatting can be defined as the action of registering a domain name and intending to profit from the goodwill or trademark which belongs to someone else (businesses or individuals). These people will then sell the domain later in the future in order to gain profits.

Because of Cybersquatting, your business may easily be ruined and your customers stolen by your competitors who grab the domain which represents your business before you.

Moreover, since many can easily set up a basic website these days and imitate your branding and products, the unbearable outcome for the victims of cybersquatting can be irreversible!

How to Protect Your Domains & Deal with Cybersquatting?

-) Have the Proper Domain Ownership

 Upon registration, make sure that the domain is registered under you or the person you trust. Prevention: always register your domain under your company’s name.

-) Have more than One Domain Extension

 Get more than one extension for your Domain, such as .biz, .info and direct the visitors to your website. Go for country domain names such as or .sg if you’re targeting country-wide market.

-) Copyright Infringement

 It is possible to sue the company that infringes your trademarks or domains, under the provisions of the International Arbitration System known as the Uniform Dispute Resolution Process (UDRP) administered by the Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). But of course you must have sufficient evidence to support your case.

Prevention is better than cure! Act NOW to protect your domain and brand!