Do’s and Don’ts of Securing Your Domain Name

– Go for Domain Privacy
Most Registrars offer Domain Privacy as an add-on service to your domain name, which basically protects your personal / contact information such as address and phone number displayed in WHOIS record. Some registrars charge a small fee, whilst others offer the service for free. Without Domain Privacy Protection, ill-intentioned individuals will use this chance to retrieve your personal details and use it for their own gains, such as phishing and spamming.

Use Permanent Email Address
Use a paid email address account as your Primary Email Account when registering your domain. AVOID using free email accounts as they will expire if they have not been used for a certain period of time. There is a chance that some impersonators will ask for your domain name or use Phishing method to retrieve your Domain Name ID and password.

– Set Up Automated Domain Renewal
Now most domain registrars allow you to synchronize your domain names expiry dates, allowing you to easier manage more than one domain name. However, the best method is still to have your domains renewed automatically, so that you will never lose your domains. The downside for automatic renewal is you will lose track of your domain expiry date.

– Don’t use Hyphens, Abbreviations or Numbers in the Domain Name
Come out with a catchier name instead of using hyphens or abbreviations for a domain name. For instance, most recommendations through Word of Mouth are conveyed in way such as “I purchased a domain from Exabytes”. After hearing this, people tend to search for “Exabytes” rather than “Exa-bytes” with a Hyphen even if it does come with a hyphen.

– Don’t Purchase a Domain without knowing its Backbone
Be cautious of the domain name you’re about to register. For example, Do Not register if there is already a domain “Exabytes” registered. This in fact, is copyright infringement as you are registering another company’s domain name as yours.

– Don’t Respond to Emails which “Appear” As Your Current Registrar
Do not respond to emails asking you to log into your account with a provided link. These links can lead you to a duplicate / fake website of your registrar. Once you’re lured to these websites, they can retrieve all your information at one go.