Why Should You Get a Localized Domain Name (ccTLD)?

The main question is what type of audience do you wish to reach? It’s true that if your business is based in Singapore, and you intend to target the local market before going overseas, .SG domain is the most sensible choice. So the next question is what is the difference among these Country Domains, for example – .SG and .COM.SG? Let’s take a step back and see what impact a localized domain can make.
Any localized search made on Google.com.sg ranks pretty well for any website which ends with .com.sg as Google easily identifies the website’s country origin and ranks according to priority. However, if the search is done on Google.com, .com domains will have the upper hand as the search is more internationalized. In this case, you would see localized websites — despite matching the search keywords — appear at the lower level of the Page Ranks.
To prevent confusion to readers, if you’re using localized domains, make sure your content is localized as well. Localized content = content that is used to target customers who are based in Singapore only. Henceforth go for a localized domain if you’re targeting local customers. You’ll be expanding yourself into the market but at the same time, it also means you’ll experience more competition.