Quality Domain Name IS equivalent to Online Presence? But HOW?

In this technology savvy era, it’s getting more and more difficult to attain online presence for your business as there are thousands of online businesses / individuals just like you, and counting. The only way to distinguish your website among others is to implement effective online marketing strategy via powerful marketing tools and effective advertising.


An important factor that influences SEO is your Domain Name, which definitely helps in achieving higher rankings on search engines. A quality domain name will no doubt do a great job and attract a large number of visitors. Although some corporate/enterprise individuals still prefer to use their company names as the Domain names, there are some downsides to it. Customers tend to look for what they need (products), instead of where it was manufactured (company). And customers usually compare products to find out which is better using specifications.

A Quality Domain name can guarantee that your site will be displayed on organic search results, which is a cheaper and permanent way of attracting visitors. However, you are still likely to use paid advertisements, such as Facebook/Google Ads, TV commercials, magazines, etc. Your paid ads may give a huge impact to your traffic, so it’s advisable not to depend entirely on organic traffic. It’s natural to spend a specific amount to get the designated results.