Secrets to Kick-starting Your Online Business

Everyone knows starting an Online Business is never easy! The crucial part is to get it right from the very beginning. As we all know, the majority of startups do not have deep pockets, and everyone wishes to minimize the starting capital.

So what if your business requires a website and you do not know the process and procedures required to get it done?

Here are some common concerns of starting a website:

  • Do you know you need to purchase a Domain and a Web Hosting Plan?
  • Email is important – if you have an Online Business, certainly you need other sub-accounts for different usage

All these answers can be obtained by assessing the type of business you are running + your business goals and aims.

Let’s help you to break it down into few simple things so that you feel clearer on the concept of starting an Online Business.

– Web Presence 

This may be one of the most important factors. Web Presence, also known as Internet Presence can significantly affect your sales revenues and web traffic.
It is described as how well the visitors know you; Web Presence will give a huge impact to your business over time.

– Choosing your Domain Name

It’s no denying that visitors will be directed to your website through your Domain Name. Your domain name serves as a major keyword to your website. For instance, it’s better to include words which are related to fashion in your domain if you’re opening an online boutique.

 “WHOIS” using your Domain

You are required to check whether anyone has registered the domain that you want. WHOIS can help you check the availability of the domain name that you want.

Shall the domain name you desire is taken, try different extensions such as .net, .org or .biz. However, each extension carries different meanings. For example, .org is better suited for organizations.

– Time to Register Your Domain Name

When everything is settled, you can now register a Domain name through registry services such as eNom, GoDaddy, etc.

It is highly recommended to register with an experienced and reliable Web Hosting Provider; Domain Names are normally included in a Web Hosting plan with a nominal fee.